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Brittany O’Neil: Spectacular In Swimsuits


When guys talk about Brittany O’Neil, her distinctive tan-lines always come up in the conversation. Tan-lines are a turn-on for many. “I spend a little bit of time in the sun,” explained Brittany O’Neil. “I try to do it in moderation. And a little bit of spray tan. That way, I don’t overdo the sun. I don’t have them on my butt, but I have little tan lines where the G-string is at. I’m just being myself, but it’s great that they like them. I would probably have the tan lines regardless of whether they liked them or not, because I have to live with me every day, and my happiness is what’s important so I can deal with everything else.” When she tans at home, do neighbors go nuts? “Nobody ever says anything so they must not mind! They never complain! They never say, ‘Hey, we can see part of your boobs. Put your top on!’ or ‘Your pussy’s showing.’” Brittany O’Neil says. “Sometimes if I’m lying a certain way or if the G-string moves, you can see it down there. Sometimes my bikini will open up on its own. Sometimes I’ll look down and I can see down there and I’m like, ‘Ooops.’”


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“Why did I get into porn?” Robin Pachino asked rhetorically. “Because I wanted to get fucked by young studs. Because I thought it was the best way to enjoy anal sex. Because my life was boring and I needed some excitement.” She’s getting lots. “I love the way you guys tried to glam me up for these pictures,” she said. “It didn’t work. I’m not glamorous. I’m bad!” Robin Pachino was just starting out in fuck films when she debuted in 40Something in 2006. We brought her back recently because we needed a nasty, dirty MILF to pair with Honey Ray for a wild three-way with hung, black stud Lucas Stone (you can view the scene at 50PlusMILFs.com). “Me and Honey hit it off right away,” Robin said. “We shared everything. I ate Honey’s pussy while Lucas fucked my ass, then we ate his cum off of each other’s faces. I’m lucky that I love anal …


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Cristy Lynn: A surprise b’day treat for her guy


“I posed and got myself into NN as a surprise, 44th birthday present for my man,” said Cristy lynn. “So who took the photos? My lover, Julie. We often get together with fuzzy handcuffs and a blindfold and have wild sex. My man knows all about it because we often have threesomes as well. He’s up in New York a lot on business, so he’s happy to know that Julie is keeping me satisfied when he’s not around. Sometimes when he’s in his hotel room at night, we put on a show for him using Skype and he can jack off while he watches us. I called the NN guys and asked about making a video and they got me a great stud to fuck.”


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The naughty nurse of your dreams


“I don’t have to tell you that being a nurse is a stressful job, so fucking is my stress relief,” said Ginny May. “I have a couple of guys on speed dial for booty calls. One guy is my age-he took these pics. He’s good for lots of oral fun-he’s got an awesome tongue-then one slow fuck and he’s done for the night. Sometimes that’s nice. The other guy’s in his mid-20s. He’s also into slow fucking and he loves my ass, but he can recover and be ready again in, like, 15 minutes. So he gets called when I want to fuck my brains out all night long.”


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