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Elizabeth Starr: Twin Torpedos


Elizabeth Starr‘s pictorial from January ’12 SCORE is a study in super-slim extreme stackitude! She knows what tit-men like to see their megaboobed women in. Tight halter tops, tight bras, skyscraper heels and tight jeans, and in this case, jeggings. And then she spreads her pussy and butthole wide enough to require a widescreen monitor. The Boob Brotherhood speaks. “Get more of this gal! Phenomenal tits! Mouth is too sexy.”-Tom. “WOW! A welcome return for an extremely horny chick!”-Nige. “Still the queen of huge tits. So many imitators but only Elizabeth Starr, Minka, Kayla Kleevage (old school SCORE gals) reign supreme!”-Regno. “This is the sort of thing I would have gone crazy for as a young, fledgling boob man back in the 90s. And you know what? I STILL go crazy for this sort of thing!”


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Valeri: Butterfly by Wins


Valeri is very romantic person, she loves to spend time on her own. But also her passion is butterflies. She adores them during the day and during the night. She even has a nick name- madam butterfly. On this pictures we can see her apartment covered with pictures of different kinds of butterflies. She also imitates her passion. Every evening she comes home and takes he cloth off to be as light as butterfly. She has a wonderful body with sporty figure. She poses to us showing her pussy and her breasts.


Valeri: Butterfly by Wins

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Jennifer Lynn: Short babe…big sex appeal


“I’m quite happy with the way I look, dressed and naked. I think I’m kinda sexy,” said Jennifer Lynn. “But I’d give everything to be about five-foot-five. Many people don’t take me seriously for some reason, and often a guy who I’m coming on to will treat me like I’m his kid sister or something, rather than a girl who wants to screw him. That’s so annoying and it leads me to lots of masturbating due to frustration. Who took these photos? That’s our secret. No, I didn’t get laid.”


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Sonja Haze: Get Hazed


Please meet Sonja Haze, new to XLGirls but not new to receiving attention from breastspotters, and she’s hoping to receive your attention and admiration too. She’s a redhead, a rarity at XLGirls, but we’ll pass on the “Red Sonja” comparisons except to say that this Sonja Haze has much bigger boobs and is a lot hotter looking. Sonja likes spending time outdoors, horseback riding, doing things with friends and enjoying the splendors of nature. Moving to splendors of the indoor kind, Sonja Haze enjoys roleplaying, sex, masturbation and doing nice things to her gazongas. “I love my tits. I’m glad they grew big. I enjoy dressing casually sexy. A low-cut top to show off my boobs and a hot pair of tight-fitting jeans. I love to show off lots of cleavage and sometimes tease the boys by putting more spring to my step for more bounce. I love guys who love tits, guys love to show that love. I usually wear a bra. I normally wear panties. My favorite kind are sheer fabric and bikini cut. When it comes to guys, I like a well-defined ass on a guy, a nice smile and a strong chest. Girls can love male chests like guys love female chests, you know.” Next up: Sonja‘s first XLGirls cam-show. Please give her a hand. One that can handle 36H-cups.


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