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Valory Irene, Sophie Mae and Eden: Big Pillows


Valory irene, Sophie and Eden have put on sexy lingerie and are curled up together in bed having a private little slumber party and giggling over the book “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men,” written by Michelle Bond, owner of the Big Boob Finishing School. They’re reading Michelle’s words of wisdom to each other and enjoying each other’s company. Tonight they’re into chapter 6 “Be A Porn Star In Bed.” They start play-acting, reading from the manual. The guidelines are very clear. Girls shouldn’t say to their boyfriends, “My other boyfriends never made me do that!” They should say, “Honey, you are the most wonderful boyfriend I ever had!” Never say, “Honey, I am going to go shopping with my friends now. I will be back later.” Instead, say, “Honey, would you like to come with me and help me pick out some sexy things at the lingerie store?’” The girls start bumping into each other with their big, sexy tits …Click for More!


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VirtuaGirl Sofia – Airbags


It’s melon season in the Slovak Republic and 23 year old Sofia is looking to find someone interested in her ripe fruits. Shaking her sexy body across your screen and giving you a free taste of herself – this is one melon seller you’ll want to say YES to every time!


VirtuaGirl Sofia – Airbags

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Sara Siren: Asslete


Welcome, Sara. Do you have any special talents that you want to tell us about? ‘Let me see. Um…I can hold a soda bottle between my butt cheeks while dancing. I used to play a lot of sports when I was younger so I can do splits and stuff, too. But I think the ass-bottle thing is more interesting.’ Is there anything else you can do with your ass? ‘I can bounce it up and down really fast when I’m on top, and for a long time, too. I have good sex stamina. When I fucked in the same room as my friend, I noticed she got tired while I kept going.’


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Leanne Crow: A Xmas Giftie


Leanne Crow as Santa’s helper? Works for us! Finding Leanne under your tree would be the greatest gift of the century. What does this Brit stunna want for Christmas, besides a lifetime subscription to SCORELAND and towering high heels? Well, Leanne Crow loves her some music so CDs or downloads would be welcome. “I love R&B and Hip Hop. I like Soul music. I love ballads, like the ones sung by Celine Dion. Recently, I have been listening to electro and dance music. I like it when all of the music is mixed up. I like to hear and dance to all kinds of music.” Bras would be nice too. We know that Leanne, like many SCORE Girls, has a difficult time finding the right bras. “I like bras that can hold all of my boobs … Click for more Big Tits!


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