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Sara Peters: Little Nympho


Sara, tell us about some of your sexual fantasies. ‘I love to fuck, but I’m a romantic at heart. If a guy really wants to impress me and make my panties wet, I’m a sucker for chocolate and roses and chivalry. If I like the way you court me, I’ll be your own personal little nymphomaniac. Whenever you want sex, I’ll be more than happy to give it to you. Here’s a fantasy I have: I would love to come home one night to find a trail of red roses leading to the bedroom. I walk in the room and there are candles lit all over the place. I look at the bed and it’s covered in rose petals. Then we get to have passionate sex!…


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Arianna Sinn: Arianna Screams for Ice Cream


It’s a scorching hot day in the Dominican Republic, and even though she isn’t wearing much, Arianna Sinn is still hot. Very hot. And what better way to cool off on a hot day than with some ice cream. Cold. Creamy. The thing is, by the time Arianna Sinn starts eating her double-dip cone, it’s already dripping…down her body and into her cleavage. And before long, Arianna seems to realize, “Hey, this ice cream cone reminds me of cock.” So she tit-fucks the cone and sucks the…well, do ice cream cones have heads?


You’re going to have an entirely different outlook on ice cream after you see these photos, especially the latter ones when Arianna Sinn turns her pussy into the creamiest ice cream sundae you’ve ever seen. Dig in!


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Yulia: She’s busting loose!


“This year, I’m going to do things I’ve never done before; things that my friends would never expect me to do,” said Yulia. “Being in a nudie mag was near the top of my list, and now I can cross it off. I love flirting with guys and being the center of attention, and while I’d never go to an amateur night at a strip club, I can show off my body to guys in the mag.”


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Hannusya: Clarity. Part 2


Hannusya is our favorite brunette model. She is well known for her perfect body, nice ass, shaped boobs and especially for sweet pussy. But also she is known for her love to yoga. Today she went to special type of yoga with meditation in the middle of the field. She is wearing a blue bikini. But after a short practice she decides to get naked. So now she is totally naked naked in the green field.


Hannusya: Clarity. Part 2 by Gronin

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