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Lisa Canon: The XL Girl Next Door


This time, Lisa Canon flies solo and goes for the girl-next-door look and, of course, looks every inch the naughty neighbor you’d love to live next to. She is an outdoor girl. “I try to go outdoors ’cause I don’t want to be stuck in the house all the time, even though there’s no civilization around. I just try to have fun,” says Lisa Canon, who enjoys playing ball, camping, cook-outs and swimming. And sex. “I like outdoor sex. It’s fun. I think what it is; why I have sex in public is because if someone catches me it brings up the risk factor. It’s more intriguing.” Lisa Canon has had a lot of good sex here at XLGirls.com, including interracial. “I love having rough sex. But like any girl, I like the sensual, soft, kiss-me, love-me type of sex. But then there’s times …


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Lisa Canon: Twin Canons


Lisa Canon is another new girl who’s married and yet eager to model. This phenomenon is on the uptick the past few years and one we welcome. The girl-next-door found us (at BeASCOREModel.com). She blossomed early. “I started growing at a really young age and then they skyrocketed from there. People were like, ‘Did you get your boobs done?’ And I’d tell them no. Everyone in my family has like C-cups or way smaller. It’s weird because my mom has DD boobs, and I have bigger boobs than her.” Lisa Canon, the covergirl of XLGirls SCORE Special #218, never thought she would be on the cover of a mens’ magazine in …


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