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Shanna Ryun: Extra-Thick Milkshake


Welcome to BootyLicious, Ms. Shanna Ryun!

“Thank you! This is a very new thing for me. It’s my first time modeling since I left my job as a grade school teacher. It’s kind of exciting.”


You went from head of the class to showing your ass!

“[Laughs.] I did. But this was just a better fit for me. I look like a nice girl, but I have a really naughty streak. I always wanted to be in a dirty magazine. Now I am!”


Tell us about your naughty side, Shanna Ryun We want all the details.

“Well, I am an exhibitionist and I love to have sex in places where I might get caught. This one time, I was dating a guy who was a contractor and he was remodeling a huge house and we fucked in all the rooms while there were workers everywhere. In fact, at one point, we were having sex in a room that was all mirrors and I could see workers watching us through the window and jacking off!”


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Shanna Ryun: Beating an ex to the punch


“These were supposed to be private photos for my (ex) boyfriend and me to enjoy,” said Shanna Ryun. “But after I dumped the cheating asshole I realized he still had them on his digital camera and, knowing him, I figured he’d probably post them online. I was in a bit of a panic till I remembered NN that I used to look at with another ex. (I never got around to posing for the mag with him.) So I decided to send the photos to you guys and, hopefully, beat the guy to it as far as getting them out there for guys to see. I can’t wait to see the magazine.”


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