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Karlee Adams: Nebraska Nobs


Writes member Jet about Karlee Adams: “Karlee is breathtaking. One of my favorites. Beautiful face, tits that stand out–not to mention her big beautiful ass and big belly. And finally getting royally fucked to top it all off! WTG!” Another look at Karlee Adams: and her 42DDD is due. An events coordinator, her best event so far coordinated is being a model for XLGirls. A northwesterner transplanted to the mid-west, Karlee is very corn-fed and straightforward. She has no fetishes although she tried some kinky shit once. She likes archery, traveling and shopping, and bald or short-haired muscular men on the thick side and who smell good. Her favorite part of a guy is the butt. “I often think of grabbing a man’s butt when he walks by,” says Karlee. “But I haven’t done it. At least not in public. I don’t want to cause a scene. So I keep those thoughts to myself. Unless I have his okay.” We’re sure no guy would say, “No, Karlee Adams:, you cannot grab my butt.”


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Sonja Haze: Get Hazed


Please meet Sonja Haze, new to XLGirls but not new to receiving attention from breastspotters, and she’s hoping to receive your attention and admiration too. She’s a redhead, a rarity at XLGirls, but we’ll pass on the “Red Sonja” comparisons except to say that this Sonja Haze has much bigger boobs and is a lot hotter looking. Sonja likes spending time outdoors, horseback riding, doing things with friends and enjoying the splendors of nature. Moving to splendors of the indoor kind, Sonja Haze enjoys roleplaying, sex, masturbation and doing nice things to her gazongas. “I love my tits. I’m glad they grew big. I enjoy dressing casually sexy. A low-cut top to show off my boobs and a hot pair of tight-fitting jeans. I love to show off lots of cleavage and sometimes tease the boys by putting more spring to my step for more bounce. I love guys who love tits, guys love to show that love. I usually wear a bra. I normally wear panties. My favorite kind are sheer fabric and bikini cut. When it comes to guys, I like a well-defined ass on a guy, a nice smile and a strong chest. Girls can love male chests like guys love female chests, you know.” Next up: Sonja‘s first XLGirls cam-show. Please give her a hand. One that can handle 36H-cups.


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Hayden: Plush Plugger


You’ll remember Hayden from the best-selling XLGirls movie Plush Control, sucking and fucking big man-pipe. “Hayden has a talented mouth,” said her Plush Control partner JMac after their scene. “Hayden‘s pussy was as tight as a virgin’s and gripped my cock real good, yeah.” High praise indeed. Hayden flies solo in this pictorial, undressing to 100% total skin and spreading her pussy-hole on the bed for a thick rubber toy. “I have lots of toys at home,” says Hayden. “I have a whole box-full of them and lots of lubes. I get them on-line and sometimes as gifts. I play with myself a lot, usually before going to sleep but I like to fuck more than I like to masturbate. Toys can’t lick my pussy and suck my nipples or fuck me from behind and pull my hair!” No worries; one day Doc Johnson will build a robot that can do that for interested women.


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Porsche Dali: Dali Girl


Porsche Dali is better known by her fans over at XLGirls.com. The girl from the Show Me State likes to do just that and has lots and lots of tits and ass to show her admirers. Porsche Dali has a friendly, open personality and genuinely enjoys posing naked and fucking on camera. She likes to watch herself getting fucked. “What better way to get off than to watch yourself getting off?” Porsche Dali told us. “I love watching myself have sex! I even have some homemade porn movies that I used to watch all the time before I started doing porn. I really get into masturbating when I’m watching myself fuck someone on screen. I am a very visual person and watching a hard cock pound my pussy gives me a screaming orgasm! I have worn out every man I have ever been with. Sex is on my mind constantly! My other girlfriends are happy …


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